Sun, Shadow and Colors

“As the Sun rises up,
It gives the birth Shadow up.

The shadow of the tree was small before,
And started growing bigger on lake shore.

The water of lake is calm and quite,
The reflect of sky made it blue and white.

The trees are coloring shade yellow,
Which gives the hint for upcoming green mellow.

The shadow is now little small,
And water is going more negative fall.

The color of grass is more darker now,
As the shadow is cute and tiny now.

Rays of sun took back all the colors,
And promised to come next day with new shades of pillars.

And again the sun was on time next day,
Surprises everybody with new shades and colors everyday.”

The Picture is clicked by my better half Anshul Rohilla in Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Washington. It was not like a regular weekend as our day began with Pasta breakfast and we rushed to this place that we never heard about. Luckily the day was sunny and chilled, so after a long drive towards south of Bellevue, we decided to walk through this beautiful place. The place was complementing the Nature, flowing water, wild animals and birds as refuges to the place. Since in our day-to-day life we just get to see more of fancy technology around us, it was really reviving to be in the presence of this peaceful land to admire.