Tips for Disneyland

Disneyland is the most beautiful, colourful and fun place for everyone, especially for the kids. Disneyland parks are vast and it is not an easy task to cover them fully in just one day. I would like to share a few tips with you to make your trip efficient and get the best out of your time. Also, do check out my recent blog on the things to do in Disneyland.

1. Best time to visit

Disneyland is always crowded and there is no way to escape. Normal weekdays are the best time to visit. You can also plan a Disney trip on your birthdays or anniversaries. Loads of special attention will make you feel like a celebrity.
Try to avoid visiting on holidays, on weekends and day after a rainy day.

2. Buy tickets online

Avoiding long queues will save your lot of time and energy. Prefer booking online tickets as the prices of online and counter tickets are the same.

3. Use Disneyland mobile app

You can buy your tickets, see wait times, browse maps, locate Disney Characters and much more! Click here to download Disneyland Mobile App.

4. Reach before the gate opens

Try to reach on time and enter as soon as the gate opens. During morning hours you get less crowd and you can cover your favourite rides without wait times.

After entering Disneyland, grab a physical copy of the map to check all the scheduled events and their timings.

5. Use Fastpass

You can find the Fastpass booth near each riding area. You can pick and reserve a time slot for your ride. Within that time slot, you will get priority entry, which is really efficient and saves a lot of time.

6. Reach early for shows

To grab your seats in front and enjoy the shows, try reaching early. Sitting in front might give you a chance to get some goodies, especially for kids.

7. Things to carry in your backpack

A backpack is must when you plan to go to Disneyland especially with kids. I will tell you a few things to carry which will really help you all day and save some money. Here is a small list which you must carry:

  • Water bottle (1 per person )
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face wipes
  • Food (Snacks, rolls, fruits, and mouth freshener)
  • Cap/hat and sunglasses (in summers)
  • Instant Pain spray (if you get pain from long walks you can prefer it)

If you care coming with small kids, consider carrying a compact stroller.

8. Comfortable shoes and cloths

Be prepared that you are going to walk the whole day. It’s very important to wear comfortable clothes and have a comfortable pair of shoes on your feet.

9. Camera

I would like to suggest that, you should carry a camera only if you are going there mainly for photography. But in general you will be busy with taking rides with so many people so prefer not to carry. Also, you will be concerned all the time and taking care of it instead of enjoying the place. A good phone camera is enough for the place.

10. Tired of walking

While spending a day there if you are tired of walking take a break when you are hungry. So you give rest to your legs and fill your stomach. Also, you can prefer any show or Railroad ride to take a relaxing break. I took a complete Railroad ride and it was really fun and relaxing.

11. Take care of your belongings

Thousands of people from all over the world visit Disneyland every single day. Everybody is new and unknown to each other, better take care of your belongings before you lose it.