Bindiya in America

Bindi is a mark of Indian Woman,
The accessory gifted by God for Woman.

It’s the place of soul for every human.
A power charger for every living human.

I left my country wearing ‘Bindiya’ ,
Received a welcome from United States of America.

Bindi helps lady to look beautiful,
Indians wear it when it is some festive cultural.

It was a last month of the year,
Christmas festival, everyone is happy to cheer.

I visited Seattle Christmas snowflake lane,
The day was sunny and evening no rain.

Wore an Indian attire with a green dot on my forehead,
And added bangles in my hand in a color red.

The dot on my forehead is called Bindi,
And the Snowflake fairy offered me candy.

It was a beautiful moment of my life with this beautiful adornment,
I suggest every lady to try this ornament.”

Moments captured by Anshul Rohilla

That’s me wearing green Bindi
Snowflake lane parade
Drums and Dance
Here comes the Santa
Snow Fairy

The Bindi has a historical and cultural presence in the region of great India. It is a bright dot of any color applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows. It is worn by every Indian woman either everyday or occasionally, which simply looks pretty.

In recently big released movie Padmavat, Rani (Queen) Padmini is also wearing red dot on her forehead as Bindi which is showing a woman from beautiful culture of Hindu.

Well! Here one evening we went to watch Snowflake Lane in Bellevue Down Town in December. I wore Indian attire with Bindi, which made me feel so good at that moment and write about it.

Can check complete history about Bindi on the below Link:

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