I Wonder about the Things

“7 Wonders all around the world,
Everyone wish to see them all.

Which shows the peaceful and devotion,
Nothing exist in their comparison.

Taj Mahal from Main Entrance. Agra, India

But here I got something new,
Of everyone’s life me and you.

If I think little more deep,
More than 7 wonders everyday I see.

As we meet our old friends after long back,
I wonder when we get unexpected respect back.

I wonder when people come to me and say you looking pretty,
But actually I will ask myself, is that true really?

Its amazing when our loved one say You are the Best,
But later I wonder when they say you will find one among Best.

We feel calm like sea when someone says ‘Sorry’ after hurting harder,
But I wonder when they do it again and after.

As I think I am feeling too much,
I wonder I have written so much.

As I see our life is like movie,
Sometime sad and sometime happy.

So make a hive to moments from your wondering life,
That’s why Shalini says, I Wonder about the Things.”

Photographed by : Anshul Rohilla

Well! The words above is just a piece of thought. Obviously! Everybody’s goes through these situations in their life at some point of time. I am also part of it and it was a small observation to my myself including the people surrounded.

We should take tough moments as lessons of Life, smooth moments as joy of Life.

And Travel as Fun moment of Life.