A Brand New Day

It was like every other weekday and I was busy with my usual routine. Everyday after lunch I use to spend time surfing internet, scrolling through pictures, keep munching and reading new about something. But this day I took off from my regular home routine and visited to a nearby library. This sudden library visit restricted me from other activities and just focus on reading and writing.

Well! This brought me a very good divergent to read blogs from my favorite bloggers ‘Sharell Cook’ and ‘Mariellen Ward’ as now I was with my one mind like a truly dedicated reader.


Newport Library


After spending few hours in library and going through many blogs and other readings, I had to leave as it was their closing bell. I stepped out of the library but did not felt like home is calling. So, decided to take a walk in nearby market place. While wondering around, a strong aroma of coffee dragged me towards it like jerry goes for cheese. I took ‘Caffe Mocha’ from Starbucks, something that I never had before. Usually I am a big fan of Nescafe classic home made coffee. But this new experience with caffe mocha also turned out awesome.


My Caffe Mocha!


While walking and sipping coffee my eyes stopped on ‘Greek Pita Kitchen’. World knows the greek cuisine is most healthy and organic cuisine out of many. Again this was my first trial with this cuisine came out with all healthy thoughts because the dish was full of vibrant and colorful salad, hummus, pita and falafel. This was one of my experience which I would like to repeat through out my life.


Mouth watering falafel platter with hummus and pita!!


With my tummy filled with yummy pita, I continued exploring the same market place and pulled the door of ‘Bartell Drugs’. I visited the store to check out the things which was displayed. Bartell drugs is a general drug store with availability of drugs, cosmetics, baby care, personal care, vitamins and many more. The cosmetic section took me to check out more briefly and I brought a nail color from ‘Sinful Colors’ in a shade ‘Work like Charm’. It is a green mint color with golden bits. A different color to me and made my nails look pretty.


Sinful colors in green minty shade!!


Finally!! After exploring all this it was a bit dark chilled evening and now it felt like my home is calling me. Ended my day by having a glass of hot milk and watched a hindi movie ‘Jolly LLB 2’ with my husband. I would say if you want to know about Indian judiciary, this Akshay Kumar movie is a must watch, Akshay is one of the finest actor in bollywood. He also featured in a recent release ‘Padman’. Padman is a real based story which talks about women mensuration cycle and saves them from the related infections and deceases by making an inexpensive pads.

This is how I found out a new day which made me feel so happy and satisfied because I utilized every single minute of the day. It was such an amazing day full of new places and filling a new energy and enthusiasm in me that I would like to repeat it everyday with new things to explore.

The saying by Harvey Mackey motivates me always –

“Time is Free, but it’s Priceless,
You can’t Own it, but You can Use it.
You can’t keep it, but You can Spend it.
Once You have Lost it, You can never get it Back.”

So, use your time in a best way for what you want to do which gives you inner happiness. This new day experience simply explains that the Travelling and Exploring is best way to get new experiences about anything and everything.