Free time activities (with No Screen)

Living a life immersed in technology has become a part of our culture as digital natives. Our generation has been labeled digital natives because of the extensive use of Internet and digital technology. Digital use has become a natural extension of everybody’s lives.

Usually, when we stay at home on weekends and have no plans of going out, we don’t know what to do in our free time. It happened with me and I always end up spending time either on phones or laptops. Which is good but it is not always. I am sure the majority of people do the same thing in day-to-day life. Recently I and Anshul started playing board games specifically Ludo (Indian board game) in our free time and we really enjoy it. It is one of our childhood game. Afterward, I realized that I should figure out some more activities to do in our free time specifically with no screens. Also, they should be refreshing, easy to learn and fun.

It sounds interesting right!!
Let’s check out some activities we can do in our free time:

1. Read and Write

Reading and writing can be one of the best thing to do in your free time. Reading increases your knowledge and writing reduces your stress. These both activities can lead your life from a common path to different direction altogether.

Reading opens your blocked mind and gives you awareness of the world. You will look at the world in a better way which makes much easier to understand your life and perspectives.

Writing is all about what you feel inside and what you observe outside. It is nothing but talking to yourself in a finer way. Studies have also proved that writing helps in mental stimulation and reduce your stress.

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2. Cooking

If you love food then it is the best time to try out some favorite dishes at home. It happens that you want to eat something from longtime but for some reason, you are not able to eat, to pause your cravings. You can plan to make it in free time at home to satisfy your cravings. In bonus, you get to learn cooking, eat healthy and save some cash.

3. Gardening

Everybody loves making their home beautiful and plants are the best thing to get at your home. If one has a backyard you have enough space to do gardening. But people who don’t have a backyard you can grow plants in pots. If you are the one like me who want to do gardening but nervous about planting then I have a simple way out for you. You can get already grown plants from the market and just maintain them as suggested. Do this for sometime and after getting enough confidence you can go further with planting. I, myself also increased my confidence after a few months of potting Poinsettia at my home. Now I have seeded sunflower and every week new leaves are coming, waiting for the flower to come.

4. Spend some time in personal care

This is a thing which we do last moment of the day which is sleeping time and certainly not always. Every time we are busy and stuck with the things around us. It is necessary for everybody to spend some time on your own.

5. Organize your things

Unknowingly we make our place all mess during the week. No shame in admitting this because we are all busy during weekdays with our schedules. So, you can utilize your time to make it more organized, spacier and clean.

6. Discussion with your partner

Nobody has time to sit and talk for long hours on weekdays. You can make a great bond in long talks with your family and partner. Have cute little talks with your kids, ask about their studies and friends. You can discuss important things in your life and any general or social topics. It is really fun and necessary too.

7. Play board Games

Play board games instead of digital games. Jinga, chess, monopoly, snake and ladder, and ludo are some really fun games.

8. Drawing and Painting

Spend some time in your childhood activities. You can do simple drawings with crayons and sketches. You can paint for your home decors like pot painting or cloth painting.

9. Go out for a Walk

You can go to a trail or in the park for a walk.

10. Meditate and practice Yoga

Spend some time on meditation and yoga. It makes your mind refreshed and relaxed. It helps you to make yourself more productive.

11. Sit in garden and watch things around you

And if you just don’t want to do anything sit in your patio or garden and observe things around you or have a silent conversation with God. It really gives inner peace and calmness.