TheWayfarerShutter is about poetry, travel tales and photographs that we capture along our journey to various places all over the world. We have been travelling from a long time alone and together now and have explored a lot of places and cultures.

This site will help you with travel tips, advice, itinerary and planning so that you can experience the best out of your travel trips. This is a one stop for inspiration, insight and advice for people who want to experience authentic, adventurous, spiritual and meaningful travel & poetic tales.

Shalini Kanchan

Hello’ This is Shalini. I am a Poet, Writer, Amateur Traveler and Explorer.

I was born in Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India), a place which spreads the essence of art and culture in our whole nation. Although, I was brought up in different directions of India, but I ended up doing my high schooling and graduation from Bangalore (Southern India), which also became the place where I started my work life.

I love to explore New Places, Culture, Cuisines and Fashion-trends which eventually helps me by adding more beautiful and meaningful words to my Poetry. This also gives me life long memories and experiences to rhyme my life stories.

Anshul Rohilla

Hi’ I am Anshul. I am a photographer, traveler, writer, explorer, observer, storyteller and computer engineer.

Born & brought up in small town Shamli near Delhi, India. It’s not a famous place but I heard a famous writer Ruskin Bond wrote a book (Times Stop at Shamli) during his stay in Shamli. After completing high school, I traveled to Jaipur for my graduation. Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan, is an enthralling historical city and the gateway to India’s most flamboyant state. As I explored various places, vibrant culture and deep royal history of Rajasthan, it inspired me a lot. My journey to explore started with that inspiration, which took me to lot of other places travelling across length & breadth of North India.

Exploring new places, cultures, cuisine, meeting new people and sharing experiences became a passion for me. Now me and my wife Shalini travel and explore together. And not just exploring we love to discover and capture the story behind them.

So Get Up, Pack Your Bags, A new Story is waiting ahead…

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