Road Trip Day – 1

Day 1 was all about filling all trip stuff in your car and say Bye-Bye to sweet home!! But let me take a small pause from this and tell you all that how our Day 1 actually started.

We got up early in the morning at 5 A.M and kept our phones on charging. As I mentioned in my previous blog that we decided to take our homemade food so in morning we prepared Indian food “Parathas and Karele ki Sabji” (Chapattis and Bitter Guard Curry). It is one of the most preferred food by Indians while traveling because it does not get spoiled soon.

After packing our food we kept all bags and stuff in the car. No one’s morning starts without tea or coffee and ours too. We prepared our coffee and got ready with our casuals to start on the first day of our trip. Finally, we wished “Happy Journey” to each other and waved Goodbye to our home.


After leaving Washington, our first and next destination was Portland, Oregon. It is a city of bridges and yet we entered this city through a beautiful historic bridge. The moment we entered this state we saw many bridges and beautiful Columbia river flowing down to it. After some miles of the drive, we parked our car in the place known as the tallest waterfall of the Oregon, Multnomah Falls. It was really cool and fresh breeze flowing there. The moment we entered the place, my eyes were not getting stopped moving towards the sky. The water falls from the height of 620 feet and rejoins the Columbia River. The chilled showers around the fall made us feel so refreshed. We were still admiring this beautiful waterfall and our stomach screamed for food. We sat sit in a public assembly area and opened our packed Parathas. I do not have a word to explain this experience that when you sitting just beside the beautiful nature and eating homemade food, the taste of that food just boosts up to the higher level. I think that is a way of expressing love by nature. Isn’t it amazing? You must try out this thing… 🙂

thewayfarershutter-photography-roadtrip-day1-fun-portland-multnomah-fall-water-falls (5).jpg




After having our breakfast we headed to our next destination in Portland. The world famous points of USA’s where we get a large view of the place and specially meant for bikers is Vista Point. We drove our car higher and higher on the mountain peak and reached to Vista Point. The view was again a kick of the day. We saw an immeasurable nature standing at one point. The beautiful long streaming Columbia river, mountains, green tall trees, blue sky with the shadow of sun rays. Well! I hope you got to know that the view was just breathtaking. We captured amazing views in our camera and headed towards our hotel thinking we are done with the day 1.



But we were still not done with it. Yet again our stomach screamed for food so we decided to try out some good food. Our map showed us one interesting restaurant “Bollywood CafĂ©”. What an amazing Indian marked restaurant!! It was just a glimpse of India at an amazing food place. The name of the restaurant says it all as ‘Bollywood’ means Indian Cinemas so the cuisine was also an Indian. As the beautiful architecture, the same was yummy food. Thank you Bollywood cafĂ© for filling our empty stomach with amazing taste.

thewayfarershutter-photography-roadtrip-day1-fun-bollywood-theatre-indian-cuisine-portland- (21).jpg


thewayfarershutter-photography-roadtrip-day1-fun-bollywood-theatre-indian-cuisine-architecture-portland- (16).jpg

thewayfarershutter-photography-roadtrip-day1-funbollywood-theatre-indian-cuisine-architecture-lemons-portland- (17).jpg


thewayfarershutter-photography-roadtrip-day1-fun-bollywood-theatre-indian-cuisine-portland- (11).jpg

thewayfarershutter-photography-roadtrip-day1-fun-indian-food-veg-thali (1).jpg

The sun was done with the day and so we. We finally reached our hotel and took a good rest, something important for Day 2 to start with full of energy and hit back the road.

So here the Day 1 ends! Stay tuned for Day 2.