This is How it All Began!!

I still remember when me and my husband were yet to marry, he told me one thing over the phone “Dear, we have got many plans to execute”. And now I can feel that things are already started! I am so happy to write here and sharing all my experiences with you all…and this particular blog is about our recent Road Trip!!

When you are left with few days of a trip and you start planning, that excitement and happiness get everybody to a different level. Same happened to us though! We were left with just a couple of weeks to start our long awaited Road Trip and it was time to start planning things. We were so excited and eagerly waiting for the day when we will leaving and starting our journey. Once again I and my husband sat together and reviewed our travel plans, accommodations, tickets and made a checklist of all the amazing places that we will be covering. Our trip was starting from North America (Bellevue, Washington) to all the way to South of America (Los Angeles) and then back to the north. Our friends told us that we gonna love how geography changes on the same land. The trip was going through 8 states of the United States and the world famous US Highway 101, which is known for its scenic drive with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Isn’t it so excited by just imagining!!!

travel - map-road-trip-photograpghy-thewayfarershutter - 3.jpg

The most important thing for any road trip is obviously the vehicle which is going to take you to your destinations. Many people suggested us to take a rented vehicle but we decided to go with our Venza only. We got it serviced just to ensure that it is all good to Hit the Road. The service engineer asked us why we are getting our car serviced before the due date? and he was shocked when my husband told him that we are going on North-South road trip. The service guy told us that he also did the same long back covering in bit and pieces. He even mentioned few places and food to try out. Finally, after servicing our car he wished us good luck for our trip.

Well! The another most important plan is food planning! It starts with finishing all the foodstuff which will be expiring in few days like milk, yogurt, vegetables etc. And also to fill up new things to carry for the trip. We decided to take only a few things with us like cold drinks, snacks, fresh bread, sauce, jam, candies, and fruits to be on a healthy side. All this was just for the road and in case of emergency, being foodies our plan was to explore locals and see what they have to offer us. To keep the drinks cool we planned to take a cooler along and kept filling it with ice whenever it required.

travel-bag-road-trip-photograpghy-thewayfarershutter - 1

After we left with one week my husband told me to decide and pack the clothes. Yeah!! The favorite part for almost every girl including me. I decided to keep different cloths, while for travelling and different for destinations. Definitely, it took me a couple of days to make my bag ready with clothes, footwear, accessories and bit of makeup stuff. I also went shopping to get summer hats for us. I was shouting on my husband from a couple of days to get his bag ready which he did in just a few hours. He counted me a few numbers of shirts, jeans, socks, inner wears and his bag was ready.

I just smiled and told him “My Simple and Handsome Guy”

I realized so well that girls should really learn the cloths minimalism from boys.


travel - luggage-road-trip-photograpghy-thewayfarershutter - 4.jpg

travel - bag-hat-shoes-road-trip-photograpghy-thewayfarershutter - 6.jpg

When we left with just a few days, and it was time to re-check all our electronic gadgets. The most important is GPS and a physical map which is gonna show us correct route for our aimed destinations. We preferred to take Garmin because it can work without internet. We recharged our power banks, cameras and all sort of batteries which needed to carry. Mobiles were left to charge for last moment.

travel - garmin-map-road-trip-photograpghy-thewayfarershutter - 5.jpg

Now we were left with last and yet important thing a First Aid kit. We kept all sort of pills, especially for fever, headaches, sprain and few more. We also got one small first aid kit from Walmart in which there were bandages and other medical accessories. 😛

travel-person-road-trip-photograpghy-thewayfarershutter - 2.jpg

We decided to take our homemade breakfast along for the first day of the trip. Because no restaurant can beat the pleasure of eating homemade food when you sit with nature. It really gets you the feeling of Picnic. Love It!!!

And yes we were all set now for our amazing trip.

So, let’s go on a Road trip!! Stay tuned!!