Let’s go on a Roadtrip!!!

“Road-trip is all about knowing roads,
Long drives with loved ones on roads.


Surprises given by roads are pushy and fearless,
Sometimes it shows you beautiful ocean and sometimes dense-scary forests.


The speed on highways make you run like Jaguar,
One feels like you sitting in flying car.


Playing the best of journey and highway tunes,
And you hope not to reach destination so soon.


When you and your friends do hand dance in the car,
Our driver friend still be responsible for where the wheels are.


The dark nights and born fire gives a unique moment with one another,
It offers a best time to share your secrets with each-other.


Road-trip shows you how the states and countries are connected,
It all about how nature and its biography get changed.


It takes us more close to nature and its beauty,
That even a sound of wave is full of purity.


It opens a gate to stay in new places and taste different cuisines,
But it also makes you misses your sweet home and your homemade food.


Garmin and Google maps are the main engines of Road-trip,
And driver is a Captain who keeps the engines on fingertip.


Redbull, coffee and ginger drink act as a booster,
And we eat bread butter jam without toaster.


When you get exposed to life and nature more,
Road-trips are one of the option to go for.


Summers have landed and road are snow free zone,
Lock the doors of house and tune the road-trip tone.”



I hope you, the road trip lovers will love this poem. We will be sharing our experience on road trip and give you some tips so it will be helpful for you to plan.
Stay tuned and take care! 🙂