The Essence of Yoga

Yoga is the most important and precious gift given by nature from ancient time to get connected throughout life with nature. It is the practice of uniting the mind and body in order to achieve the perfect harmony between both. It helps a person to get a higher level of consciousness by getting control over the body in all aspects like physically, mentally, socially and intellectually.

It just needs regular practice in the right way of body movements and breathing. It regularizes the connection between three components of our body such as body, mind and soul. It regularizes the functioning of all body organs and prevents the body and mind to get disturbed because of some bad situations and unhealthy lifestyle. It helps in maintaining the health, knowledge and inner peace. By providing good health it fulfils our physical needs, through knowledge it fulfils our psychological needs and through inner peace is fulfils the spiritual need thus it helps in maintaining the harmony among all.

Regular practice of the yoga in the morning provides outer and inner relief by keeping away from the countless ailments at the physical and mental level. Practising postures or asanas strengthen the body and mind as well as creates the feeling of well being. It sharpens the human mind, improves intelligence and helps in a high level of concentration by steadying the emotions and feelings. The feeling of well being creates helping nature within us and thus enhances the social well being. Improved concentration level helps in meditating and provides a calming effect and inner peace to the mind.

Yoga can be practised by anyone as it is irrespective of age, religion, or health circumstances. It improves the discipline and sense of power as well as provides a chance to live a healthy life without physical and mental problems. To enhance its awareness about all benefits all over the world, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has suggested to the United Nations General Assembly to declare the 21st of June as an International Day of Yoga so that each and everyone is aware of yoga and can be benefited. Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition which was originated in India and practised regularly by the yogis to get fit and meditate. By seeing the benefits of implementing the yoga in daily life, the United Nations General Assembly has declared the International Day of Yoga to be celebrated every year on 21st of June.

Nowadays, it is very necessary to practice yoga again to make the lives of people better. Daily yoga practice provides inner and outer body strength. It helps in strengthening the body immunity system thus prevents various diseases and cures different disease. It acts as an alternative system of medicine if practised continuously. It also reduces the side effects of many heavy medicines taken on a daily basis. The best time for practising the yoga like Pranayama and Kapal Bharti is early morning as it provides a better environment to get control over body and mind.

We cannot count the benefits of yoga, we can understand it only a miracle which has been gifted to the human fraternity by God. It maintains physical fitness, reduces stress, control on emotions, feelings, controls negative thoughts, feeling of general well being, improves mental clarity, enhances self-understanding, connects to nature and many more.

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Namaste and Happy International Yoga Day!!