Red Means Ruby Woo..!!


“Red Lipstick… It is a Shade and an Occasion for Everyone.”

Well!! Undoubtedly every woman in this world is beautiful. But today’s world is little more above than a natural beauty where cosmetics have taken place widely. So many brands are available with such a huge and vivid range of products. There is not even a single lady who can escape from color Red. Every lady in this world loves Red and wears Red, no matter whether it is the United States, India or UAE.

Red lipstick is closely attached to a woman, even in history woman used red rose petals as lipstick.
No matter it is Christmas or Diwali, any ordinary girl like me or celebrity, any twenties aged lady or someone is late sixties, everybody loves Red lipstick.
I wore a red lipstick when I became a bride and I can say not just me, any bride in this world of any country wears a red lipstick on their big day. It just compliments every lady in this world and this is really beautiful fact behind red lipstick 🙂

Staying in the United States I frequently have calls with my family. One day while having a call with my sister, she asked me
“Di..!! Please bring me one Red lipstick as United States cosmetics are world famous…”


Listening to this I was bit surprised because I was not aware of this fact though. I remembered one beauty magazine in which I saw few lipstick commercials which was thrown in some corner of my home. Finally, I found it and yes I saw few beautiful lipsticks in the brand MAC. Reading about MAC, I recalled that my friends were also rambling about this brand. Being a sister and the bond we have, I decided to give her the best brand lipstick.

After searching many red lipsticks online, the hunt stopped on MAC with shade Ruby Woo.
I was really shocked seeing countless videos on YouTube and blogs just on MAC Ruby Woo.


There are so many reds available in the market but it is a concern that which one to go for as the skin tone matters a lot. Although I loved this color, it was hard for me to decide whether to buy or not as I did not have the option to try on my sister. Finally, I trusted few YouTubers who mentioned that MAC Ruby Woo suits every skin tone which simply means it suits every lady in this world. I decided to go Macy’s MAC store to check this color.

The staff lady greeted me well and I asked her for help to show me red lipsticks and she mentioned that they have Ruby Woo shade which is most universally flattering shade to hold. Well..!! I checked this color and it was really such an adorable red color on which I went so flattered like many girls out there. It was really prettiest red lipstick I have ever seen in my life.

I asked the staff lady to make a bill for one, but while making a bill she confirmed me the count and I just said make it two.
Yeahh…!! She was wondering my face and I smiled and said “One for my sister and one for Me”. She laughed!!
I couriered one lipstick to my sister and she was really happy that the shade suited her very well and has very fine quality.


I must say MAC Ruby Woo is really beautiful shade with great quality.

Popular facts about Mac ruby woo :

  • It is retro-matte range shade from MAC
  • Gives you 8-10 hours staying power
  • Does not smudge while drinking or eating
  • Highly pigmented
  • Little drying (In case of dry lips, apply lip balm underneath)
  • And yes, It is a Universally flattering shade


That’s all I have to say about Ruby Woo.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my Story about Ruby Woo.

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