Evening Streets

“Everybody meets Sun with Good Morning,
And Moon with Good Night.
But Nobody meets Evening streets,
Who says there Good Evening.

Day I met Evening streets,
Path is asking question step by step,
How are you and How’s going,
Leaves are welcoming by fallen down from trees.

My smile expressed I am fine,
My walk expressed I am in Peace.
Tune in an ear reveals Am Living,
Suddenly the breeze comes & thrilled my mind.

The Turn of street told me Secret,
He is always Risky and Amazed.
Either one shows any wheels are coming,
or there is any shop of Sweet Chariot.

Now I realized one more Reality,
By seeing against Turn secret and Our Life.
Whether coming wheels teaches us lesson,
Or Sweet Chariot fills flavour with sweet chocolaty.

Not only sun, moon or parents teaches us,
Even every evening express many things.
How to welcome a new day to begin with,
Looming with new experiences and cheering moments for us.”

That’s How I Just Love Evening Streets..!


Moment captured by Anshul Rohilla.

It was one day of my past life and I was frustrated from studies and parents pressure towards studies. I decided to go out of house and take a walk in streets. I didn’t know it will heal me in such a beautiful way that I would be able to write these lines. After taking steps ahead the leaves fell down from the trees which made me felt like they are decorating my way and asking me question How Am I? The music in my ears made me feel calm and so I smiled seeing towards those streets. Suddenly the Turn on street made me alert because wheeler was coming which made me aware even about life, that every turn of life comes to teach and awakes us about World, Society, People and most importantly Our Life.

That how I learnt a remarkable inspiring lesson from Evening Streets.