Pizza Love

They say there are two types of food in the world : Italian and the rest. And pizzaaa? It is so prevalent in all over the world that almost every pizza restaurant in every city of every country has its own taste and way of making it. Being from India we have tasted almost every local variant of pizza, be it tandoori pizza or paneer pizza to special navratri pizza where they will make pizza which can be eaten during fasting. We always used to hunt for new varieties of pizza but after some time we both started missing something….the authentic taste of pizza faded in these variant.

Now we live in USA the place of burgers, pizzas and coke.. And we both try to maintain a healthy living, though it is the lifestyle or eating heathy meals, we try to keep our body and mind in harmony with nature. But sometimes during evening that hunt for pizza took over everything else and all we both want is pizzaaa just pizzaaa… I still remember our first pizza craving in US which ended up in nearby Dominos. Being vegetarians there was not much of options to select in the menu and we finally ended up ordering the only vegetarian pizza available. While we waited for the pizza to be served all that was going in our mind was.. will this is the pizza that we are hunting for. Will it be like the same vegetarian pizza they serve in Italy? How it will taste like? Finally we ended up by eating the pizza and it was just enough to kill our hunger but we both knew that our hunt for the authentic taste of pizza is still to continued…

Few weeks later we again craved for pizza and this time the pizza carving tool us to a grocery store instead of a pizza restaurant. We went to a nearby QFC and picked up all the ingredients for a pizza to cook at home. QFC stores are know for fresh and good quality food products. The most basic need for pizza is the base, pizza sauce (mostly made of tomatoes) and cheese. Now it’s a personal choice on how we can make it healthier and tastier by adding wide variety of toppings like olives, jalapenos, capsicum, tomatoes, pineapple, vegetables and meat(any).


Ready to bake


After coming back from the store we started making our first homemade pizza. We turned ON oven to pre-heat it to 450 degrees meanwhile we started spreading pizza sauce on base which was already layered with olive oil. After this we dumped all the other toppings on it and baked it for 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile the pizza was baking, it was time to get ready the herbs. Whole world knows that Italy is a best place to get herbs in terms of either health or taste. Oregano and chilly flakes are common out of many. They gives a aromatic fragrance and mouth watering taste to pizza, for which people are mad about. Finally, we enjoyed our pizza by adding lots of oregano and chilly flakes on it. Now you will say that everyone loves their own cooked food but seriously this the best pizza that we ever had. But what was the reason? What it really different from the one we get in a restaurant? To find out the answer there was only one way and that is to make more and more pizza at home.


All set to satisfy Pizza craving!!


After our first successful homemade pizza we decided that from now onwards we will make pizzas at home only. Initial couple of pizzas were like regular pizzas but we carefully started observing what we are putting in it. Quantity of oil, pizza sauce, cheese and variety of toppings. We used wide range of temperature to ensure pizza is well cooked.
We even started doing experiments with pizza base, we have used almost every possible things that can serve as pizza base..chappati (flat bread), tortillas, parathas, square bread and hardly got disappointed. One day we both were lazing around and wanted to eat pizza, this was the first time we made our own base using all purpose floor or maida.

Till today our love & hunt for the best pizza is ON, making pizza now has become a learning process for us, every pizza we make is different from the last one and this is what motivates us to keep doing experiments and keep hunting for the BEST PIZZAAAA!!!!

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