Holi – The spring festival of India

Holi is one of the biggest festival celebrated in India during spring season. The Holi simply means the festival of colors, brotherhood, togetherness, fun, joy and lots of delicious sweets and chats (Indian snacks). It is celebrated by Hindus in North India but the festival is full of fun and joy so it is celebrated in other some of parts from past few years by Non-Hindus also.

Holi Photography

I am happy to write, that this festival is just not ending up in India but it has spread all over the world. Here in United States this Holi event was organized by Indian community where not every Indian united but local citizens also. It was a pleasure to watch them and join them to enjoy the moment. Few were enjoying their life’s first experience and few visited to repeat this unique experience with their families, friends and children. Thanks to US government that they allowed to celebrate and given such a incredible experience to not just me but every Indian and local citizens to cherish this whole life.

Locals experiencing Holi first time
Kind playing colors..!

There are many Reasons behind why Holi is celebrated, following are few of them:

  • It is a visual of victory of good over a evil

‘Prahlada’ was one of the loyal and true hearted devotee of Lord Vishnu and the son of Hiranyakashipu. He always wanted to kill his son because of the devotion of his son towards Vishnu but not towards him. As mentioned in Bhagavata Purana the Lord Vishu came on earth to kill Hiranyakashipu as he had become sinful and law breaker king.

  • It is a face of Love

The Lord Krishna had fallen in divine love with beautiful fair skinned Radha. As the Lord Krishna was a dark skinned, he wanted to color the face of his beloved once. Ever since he played colors with Radha, the celebration started with the name as Holi.

  • It is a sign of harvesting.

Holi is a festival of two days. First day is Choti Holi and second day as big celebration is called as Holi. First day is Holika Dahan which is bonfire and symbol of good over bad. Second day is all about playing color with each other and distribute sweets.

We always think that festival means buy new, trending and beautiful cloths but Holi is a festival on which people wear white cloths which are not to be reused. The reason is, everybody play with dry colors and water colors which needs to be put on face and cloths.

Bura na mano Holi hai..!!

In this festival people shop for colors, water balloons and Pichkaries (water gun). Colors are available in the form of different color of powders, pichkaries are mainly for kids as they fill color water in it and throw on others and water balloons are simply means the color water filled in balloon and throw on others.

Kid enjoying with water balloons!
Kids playing with Pitchkari 🙂

Few safety measures to keep in mind:

  • You should apply oil on skin and hair so any chemical effect of colors will not effect your skin or hair
  • Do not wear new cloths
  • Make sure you are with known crowd like your family, friends, office colleagues or any community
  • Water balloons are seems to be fun but when it is thrown, it hurts the body badly. So, it is better to be in safer side when somebody is targeting you

Delicious Food

One of the delicious and beautiful sweet is served on Holi known as ‘Gunjia’. If we describe, it is mixture of dry fruits, coconut mixed with milk and covered by the dough of ‘All Purpose Floor’ (Maida) and deep fry into oil.

Home made yummy Gujia!

India’s world famous Dahi vada is also served on this day. Dahi vada is Indian snacks which comes under cold type. It is nothing but the balls prepared from Dal (Urad/Moong Dal) soaked in water and served with Yogurt, Tamarind Chatni, Green Chatni (Cilantro) and sprinkled with red chilly powder and salt (Black/white).

Homemade Dahi vada 🙂

The drink comes in the last called as ‘Bhang’ or ‘Thandai’. It is prepared by Cannabis. As it causes intoxication so, in India it is served only on this day. Generally people avoid to go for this drink but if you want to experience, can try once but make sure that you are at right place with right people.

Best place to experience Holi

  • Mathura
  • Vrindavan
  • Utha (United States)

Few famous tunes in which you can get beautiful glimpse about Holi on YouTube

Rang barse (Silsila)
Holi ke din (Sholay)
Hori khele raghuveera (Baghban)
Coldplay – Hymn for the weekend

Indians playing Holi.!!

Moments captured by Anshul Rohilla!!

The famous quote they say while putting colors on others:

“Bura na Mano Holi Hai.. Holi hai bhai Holi hai!!” 🙂