Natural Beauty

“Tree is bounty with flowers,
I came to admire from very far,
one charming flower of the branch,
fell down on hard foot path.

Everyone moving on the path.
flower is thinking about the past &
getting scared may be crushed by someone,
praying to pick by someone fast.

I picked the flower in my hand,
wondering the beauty from front to end,
flower is not scared but still thinking,
what gonna happen in future coming.

I hold safely & made the steps,
now flower felt he is safe,
its been one day flower is smiling,
being happy & spreading sweet smell with blessing.

After few days the flower looses its fragrance,
petal seems like colorless paper,
but still thanking to me,
& saying now U have to throw me.

I held the flower softly,
& kept in my diary lovingly,
by asking to do me a favor,
that Don’t Loose Your Nature Ever.

I wanna say Spread Your Happiness & Love,
& Share Others Sorrows & Pain,
the flower kept odouring my life,
That’s what We call LIFE !!”