General Travelling tips for India

Being born an brought up in India itself I was not very close to its people, vibrant culture, traditions and unique ways of doing things until I started exploring and traveling. Travelling in India is something new and still evolving. Most of people used to travel short distance with families only, staying with relatives and visiting holy places was in fashion for a long time. But with changing time the way people travel in India has changed a lot. Backpackers, solo travelers, peace seekers, spiritual travelers are in fashion, now you do not have to worry about food, accommodations, and travel reservations, almost everything is online you just need to know the right way.

What my personal experience about India is that it has its own way of doing things, it teaches you, it guides you, it inspires you, it will change you. The only thing that you have to do is to open-up and not to be judgmental.

I am sharing few points that I personally follow while travelling in India, these points have really helped me in experiencing true India.

1.) Read and research about the place:

To bring the best out of you travel it is always recommended to read and research as much as you can about the places you are planning to visit. You can also carry a good guide book while you are travelling.


2.) Be patient and take it easy:

India is still a developing country, the pace of life is relaxed and people have their own way of doing things. So the best way to experience India is to get into the local rhythm, relax and be patient with people and things.


3.) Talk to local people :

Local people are the best source of information, you can always have a chai pe charcha (talk over tea) with them to build your day itinerary.


4.) Open yourself:

‘Atithi devo bhava’ (Guest is God) is the basic philosophy in India. Everyone here is warmhearted and always ready to offer help. Open up you will make a lots of friends here and if you are lucky you will find your second home.


5.) You may have your own perspective:

Sometimes things may not work the way you want and you may have your own perspective. Remember you are not here to change things, so accept and enjoy things as they are.


6.) Be careful and attentive:

Always be careful and attentive about your surroundings. Best way is to use your common sense and follow how locals are doing.


7.) Have a loose itinerary:

There may be times when things will be delayed like train journeys, so plan a loose itinerary and don’t rush out all the time. It will help you keep calm and enjoy you trip.


8.) Be respectful to people and culture:

We all have heard the famous saying “Give respect, take respect”, follow it where ever you go. India is a diverse country with many religions, cultures and people. So always be respectful to its people, culture and traditions.


I hope above tips are useful and will help you enjoying your next trip in India.